4th Class English Story Writing Introduction


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*     Introduction


Story writing is an art which can be learnt by practice. A beginner generally introduces irrelevant details, repeats himself, and leaves out important points. To write a good story, you must have a clear idea of the whole plot in your mind before you start, and arrange the main points in their proper order.  


*      Main Points for Writing a Story


  • Have a clear idea of the plot in your mind.
  • Do not omit any point and maintain the order in which the events take place.
  • Narrate the event systematically.
  • Use simple language.
  • Do not change the main part of the story. Try to reproduce it as it is or it was, as far as possible.
  • Always read the story very carefully and make small points of it and take out the chief points of interest, fun, moral or any other special aspect.
  • Give a suitable heading to a story, heading of story should be as small as possible.
  • The conclusion is the most important part of the story. The whole story must lead up to it naturally.
  • Take out the moral of the story.
  • Try to remember the story by heart.  





A Greedy Dog

Once, there was a dog. He was very hungry. He went here and there in search of food. But he could not find food anywhere. At last he went in a house. He found a piece of bread there. He wanted to eat it alone. He ran to the jungle. There was a river on the way. When he was crossing the bridge, he saw his shadow in the water. He thought another dog. He wished to get that bread also. So he barked at him. His piece of bread at once fell into the eater. At this, he became very sad.

Moral: Do riot be greedy.  

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