4th Class English Short Composition (Notices and Messages) Short Composition

Short Composition

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Short Composition


It is a test of the student's ability to express his knowledge and ideas in written English. Study the following short compositions:




Library is the place where we can get a collection of books on various subjects. Here, the books are categorised into various headings and sub-headings based on the subjects they relate to. The place is calm and has proper sitting arrangement. It has a perfect ambience for reading. We can also get library membership and take books home for a certain period of time. So library is a perfect place to hone our reading skills.



My Ideal Teacher


There is an adage in Sanskrit ?A teacher takes his pupil from darkness to the light of knowledge and wisdom?'. Such is my teacher. He is an ideal teacher. His technique of departing knowledge helps in my all round development. From a very early age I have been under his guidance. He leaves no stone un-turned to help me master the subject.

He plays a major role in shaping my future. It is very hard to get a teacher and a guide like him. I am very thankful for all the efforts he takes to make me a good individual.


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