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Interesting Fact

  •              Murlidhar Devidas Amte was an Indian social worker known for help people suffering from leprosy.


Professions: Profession is a type of job that requires special education, training or skill.




1.            Accountant: They keep track of how money is earned and spent.


2.            Architect: They drew up the blueprints for the buildings.


3.            Chef: The chef prepared a marvelous four course meal.


4.            Electrician: We need to call an electrician to come and fix the wiring.


5.            Farmer: The farmer sold his vegetables at the local farmer's market.


6.            Judge: Judge make serious decisions when sentencing criminals who are found guilty.


7.            Doctor: A doctor treat the patients when they fall ill.


8.            Nurse: Nurses make sure patients needs are taken care of in hospitals.


9.            Pilot; A pilot flew the airplane.


10.          Builders: The builder finished the home in record time.




1.            Church: Christians pray to God in church. They pray to Jesus Christ and the Bible is their holy book. A Christian prayer is called a service and their priest is called a clergyman.


2.            Temples: Hindu worship in temple. The Ramayan and Bhagwad Gita are their holy books. The temples have idols of god and goddesses.


3.            Gurudwara: Sikhs pray in gurudwara. Their holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib is kept there. The priest in the gurudwara recites the gurbani (sayings) of the Guru). The sikhs take part in Kirtan and sick the blessings of their Guru.


4.            Mosque: Muslims pray in a Mosque. The muslims offer Namaz five times a day. The Quran is their holy book. The muslim women pray at home.


Do you know?

  •             The Ramayana long epic poems about Rama and Sita.
  •           Masjid-al -haram is a large mosque in the city of Mecca and considered to be holiest place.
  •           The Guru Gahib are written in Punjabi and greatly respected by all Sikhs as the living word of God.


Interesting Facts

  •           Tree houses are popular in kerala. They are builf on branches of a tree in deep forests.
  •           A typical kutcha house in built on a base of each contained in a low stone will and plastered with layers of mud and cow during.
  •        The term pucca means ?Solid? and ?Permanet? these building methods are more castly and lobour-intensive than the more  traditional building methods.




Types of Houses

People live in different kind of houses. Many people keep on moving from one place to another. Some people live in temporary house or some in permanent house; some people live in pucca house or some in kutcha house. The houses we live in protect us from heat, rain, wind, dust and animals. We built different kind of houses in different region depending on the climate of that region.




Houses in cold regions



Some region such as Arctic region and Polar Region are completely covered with snow and are extremely cold. People in that region built house by using block of snow generally in the form dome shape.



In cold and forested region of America, people build wooden houses or log cabins

Wood is a good insulator and helps to keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Hot and Dry Regions


Mud/Clay house

Mud are used with material such as straw, sticks etc. to construct the house. People living in hot and dry climates 3uilt mud houses.


Brick Houses

Brick replaces the mud and straw and are made of clay and molded, dried or fired. Now-a-days most of the houses in cities are made of bricks.


Houses in the hot and wet reaions



People living in hot and wet climate used to build huts. They use grass, leaves and vines which are found in plenty in that region. These types of houses are built in villages. mud wall and straw roof keeps house cool in summer.


Do you know?

  •           Stilt houses are made up of different materials like cement, wood stone, bamboo or sometime even, mud.
  •           Stilt houses have sloped roofs to keep the house dry from constant rains.




Stilt House

This type of houses is mostly found in region with heavy rain and frequent flood. These houses are raised on stilts (legs) over the surface of the soil, so that house remains protected from the flood water. This type of house is common in Assam



Temporary House

These can be built for vacations and camping. These types of houses are often built by fisherman along the coastal areas using wood or coconut leaves. People now a days use better material to build modern temporary house.


Tents are used for holiday camping. Modern day tents are made of water proof materials, like canvas cloth or nylon.


Tipi or Tepee or Teepee

It is conical tent made of animal skin or birch bark



House on wheels is coifed Caravans. Caravan may be pulled by an animal or by car or truck. People move from one place to another and live in caravans.


Do you know?

  •           A tepce was built using a number of long poles as the frame and poles were tied together at the top and spread out at the bottom to make on upside down come shape.
  •          The word Caravan Comes form the Persion Karwan meaning ?group of desert travelers.?
  •          A caravan can be a large group of people travelling together in long line.


Do you know?

  •          There are two basic kinds of house boats the non- cruising and the cruising.
  •         Non-cruising have very limited mobility and cruising are perfect for those who want to have an ex-want have an excursion without leaving the house.



House boats are floating house on water bodies like lake. they vary in size, some are small and some are big (two storey). Some people use it for vacation purpose and some live permanently in the boat. These are found in places like jammu and Kashmir.



A neighbourhood is defined as the area of a town that surrounds someone's or the people who live in this area.




1.            Market

Some shops that we find in the neighbourhood market are;

Greengrocer's shop: A greengrocer or a vegetable seller sells fruits and vegetables.

Bakery: A baker sells buns, bread, jam, biscuits and cakes.

Milk booth: We can buy dairy products such as milk. butter, paneer, dahi, and ice-cream from the milk booth.

Grocery shop: A grocer sells rice. pulses, spices, tea, coffee, soap, shampoo, and eggs.

In some places, markets are set up every week. These weekly markets are called haats.


2.            Hospital

The doctors give medicines and treat the sick people while the nurses take care of the patients who stay in the hospital.

Some neighbourhoods have a clinic known as a dispensary.

There are few doctors who treat us and give us medicines when we fall ill.


3.         Fire Station

A fire station has red coloured vans called fire engines. The fire engines have big hosepipes that fire fighters use in putting the fire out.


4.            Police Station

A police station is one of the most important places in a neighbourhood. Many policemen work here to keep the neighbourhood safe.


5.            Post Office

Most of the neighbourhoods have a post office. A post office is a place from where we can send and receive letters. We can buy stamps, inland letters, postcards, and envelopes from the post office.


Do You Know?

  •         There is a floating post office in Dal lake, Srinagar which was inaugurated in August 2011.

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