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Human Body

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  • Cells are the smallest unit of life. Our body is made up of cells.
  • Our body has a framework of bones called skeleton. It gives shape and support to the body.
  • There are various joints such as elbow joint, wrist joint, knee joint, ankle joint etc.
  • The sense organs - eyes, tongue, skin, ears and nose-help to protect the body.

Our eyes help us to see thing

Our tongue helps us to taste 

Our ears help us to hear sounds

Our skin helps us to feel

Our nose us to smell


  • Several organs perform different functions. Such as brain, lungs, heart, Kidney etc.
  • Brain is the central organ of the nervous system. Brain is also known as store of knowledge. It controls the body function.
  • Eyes are the sense organ of the body. Every human being have two eyes. Eyes help us to see thing.
  • Nose helps us to breathe and smell. Every human being have on nose. Nose has two holes.
  • Every human being have two ears. Every ear has a hole. Without ear, human beings cannot hear anything.
  • Skin covers the whole body. It can be white, black and whitish in colour. Skin helps us to feel things.
  • There are 206 bones is the human body. Bones support movement of the body. They have different length, shapes and sizes.
  • Muscles are responsible for the force and motion in our body. It maintains postures and circulates blood in our body.
  • The nervous system is a complex collection of nerves. The transfer senses from the various places of the body to brain. Nervous system controls and regulates the activity of all the other system of body.


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