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Human Body

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Human Body



  • Our body has many parts like bones, joints, muscles and organs.
  • Our body has a framework of bones called skeleton. Skeleton gives shape and support to the body.  

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Elbow Joint     Wrist joint         Knee joint




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Ankle Joint                  Muscle & Joint




Eyes/ears, nose, tongue and skin help us to know the world around us.



Our tongue helps us to       Our eyes help us to        

Taste food.                          See things.



Our ears help us to     Our skin helps us to feel. hear sounds.



     Our nose helps us to smell.




  • To keep fit we must keep our body clean.



We must have breakfast every day.                    We must brush our teeth every morning 





                    We must tidy up our bedroom.                      We must take bath everyday.        





                                      We must wash our hands before and after every meal.




  • Exercise helps us to build strong bones and muscles.



  • Posture is the position in which we keep our body when we sit, stand or walk. We should keep our back straight.





  • Body-building foods (proteins) like milk, pulses, eggs, fish and meat make our bones and teeth strong. They help us to grow by building our muscles and body.


Food for Health:

  •  We need good food to grow and stay healthy.


Milk     water    Vegetables     Chapathies


Rice              Butter             Bread



Fish                               Fruits












  • Energy giving foods (carbohydrates) like potatoes, rice, bread, and chapathies supply the body with energy.

          Fatty foods like ghee, oil and butter also provide the body with more energy.




Bread                            Rice






      Potato                    Sugar and Sweets





          Butter                       Cooking oil




  • Some foods keep away diseases. They help us to remain HEALTHY.

          Fruits and vegetables protect us from falling ill. These are called protective foods.




Fruits                             Vegetables


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