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Multiplication Series

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*    Multiplication Series


Multiplication series is a table of numbers. To solve the problems based on multiplication series we require to remember tables of numbers given below.

                               Multiplication Table  



Fill in the blank with suitable number.


This can be found with the help of table of. Hence, in the blank space, 20 is suitable number.  



Which number should be multiplied withto get the result?


is at the sixth place in the table of. Therefore,should be multiplied withto get.  



Find the next number in the series.


In the given series each number is multiplied by. So to find the next number multiply the previous number bythat is.  




In the given series to find the next number multiply the previous two consecutive numbers.and.    




  • Multiplication is a way of faster addition.  
  • is the sign of multiplication.
  • Result of multiplication is called multiplication fact.
  • When two numbers are multiple in any order, the product remains same.  




  • The easiest number to multiply by is 10. Just add 0 to a number when you multiply the number by 10.
  • If you multiply a single digit with 9 than the sum of digits of resulting number is always 9.

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