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Paint Brush

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Paint Brush



Drawing and painting are wonderful activity for kids. Drawing with the help of pencil, sketch pen, wax pencil etc are very tedious and time consuming job. Most of the Windows operating system comes with the application Paint or Paint Brush. Paint or Paint Brush application is a part of the accessories and can be open by clicking in the start button of the task bar. This chapter includes how to use Paint for drawing pictures.


How to open a Paint Brush?

Do the following steps to open MS-Paint application:

  • Click the start button in the lower left hand corner of the desktop Click, All programs, then Accessories, then click the Paint program


To open MS-Paint, Type Paint in the Search box on the task bar and then select

Paint from the list of result.


MS-Paint Windows 10: -



  • Title bar: It shows the title of the file you are working in.
  • Menu bar: It shows different functions you can do in paint brush.
  • Horizontal Scroll bar: It is a scroll bar at the bottom of a window or move window left and right.
  • Vertical Scroll bar: It is a scroll bar at the right side of a window or move window up and down.
  • Ribbon: It is located at the just below of menu bar. The purpose of the ribbon is to provide quick access to commonly used tasks within each program.
  • Drawing board: It is your workspace. It is like a plain white paper. You make your drawings here.


Let's see the functions of the Paint tools

Star Tool (Free Form Tool)

It is known as Free Form select. It helps to select irregular area of the drawing



Rectangle Box Tool (Select Tool)

It is called select tool. It selects portion of the drawing in a rectangle.


Eraser Tool

Eraser tool helps to erase a part of the drawing. Select the eraser tool from the tool box md drag the mouse over the surface you want to remove.


Pencil Tool

Pencil tool is like a pencil only. It is used to draw pictures in a free hand line.



Filler Tool

The Fill with colour tool is used to fill colour in a drawing. You can select the colour from the colour palette.




Air brush Tool

The Air brush is used to spray colour.




Brush Tool

The brush is used to paint and draw areas of the picture. You can draw lines of different shapes and size using it.


Line Tool

The Line Tool is used to draw straight lines.


Curve Tool

The Curve tool draws curves of any angle.


Rectangular Tool

The Rectangular tool helps to draw boxes of any size.


Ellipse Tool

The Ellipse tool draws circles and ellipses.


Rounded Rectangular Tool

With the help of Rounded Rectangle tool you can draw boxes with rounded corners.



Pick Color Tool

The Pick colour tool selects colour from the palette.


Magnifier Tool

This is a magnifier. It shows an increase in the size of the drawing.


Text Tool

This is a text tool. It is used to write or add text to an image. You can write in various styles, colour and sizes.



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