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Need of Our Body

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*   Need of Our Body

You know now that each of the organs of our body has to perform so many functions. It is, therefore, our duty to keep our body fit and healthy.


We need food to keep our body fit.



We also need water.



We need rest or sleep. We should sleep at least eight hours a day. If we don't take enough rest we will fall sick.

Good food and enough rest make our body strong.

Exercise also helps us to become strong and stay healthy.

Walking, running and swimming are good exercises. Playing is also a good exercise.



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Skin is the largest organ in human body.

When you sleep you grow about 8 mm and when you get up you shrink back to the original height.



Human body is mainly divided into three parts-Upper, middle and lower.

Upper parts of the body are head, eyes, nose, ear, neck, hair, mouth, lips, teeth, tongue, etc.

Middle parts are shoulders, hand, chest, waist, stomach, etc.

Lower parts are parts of legs like thighs, knees, and sole toes, etc.

Brain, hearts and lungs are the internal parts of our body. We cannot see them externally.

Brain lies in the head and performs mental works.

Heart lies in the chest and pumps the blood.

Lungs lie in the chest and help us in breathing.

Teeth help us to chew the food.

Legs are lower limbs and human cannot move from one place to another without legs.

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