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There are various kinds of animals in the world. Some animals are big. Some are small.

Some animals live on land and some live in water. Some animals eat plants and some eat flesh of other animals. Based on the size of animals they can be classified as:


Big Animals











Small Animals















  • Tiger, cow, cat, dog, horses and elephants, etc. are the animals with four legs. They give birth to their babies.



Most of the birds can fly. Birds have wings. Wings help them to fly. Some birds can swim also. Birds have two legs. For example, peacock, duck, sparrow, etc.


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Insects are small animals. They have six legs. Some insects have wings also. For example, ant, butterfly and honeybee, etc.



    Ant                                          Butterfly

Image result for honeybee png                         

Honeybee                                  Cockroach



Snakes, Lizards and Crocodile are reptiles. Snakes do not have legs. They can only crawl. Lizards and Crocodiles have four legs.


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Food of Animals

Different animals eat different kinds of food.

  • Some animals, like cows and elephants eat plants.
  • Some animals, like hens, pigeons eat food grains.
  • Some animals, like lizards and frogs, eat insects.
  • Some animals, like lions, tigers and wolves eat the flesh of other animals.


Place of Living

All animals need a place to live in. They live:

(i) On land

(ii) On trees

(iii) In water

  • Animals like lions, dogs and cows live on land.
  • Birds live on trees.
  • Some animals live in water. For example, fish and turtles.
  • Some animals live both on land and in water. Frogs and newts live both on land and in water.



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