1st Class Science Air, Water and Weather Wind


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*    Wind


             The moving air is called wind.

  • Fast moving wind is called storm.
  • Storm may cause some destruction like uprooting of trees, electric poles, and other things.
  • Big storms even may destruct the lives of human and animals.
  • The slow moving wind is called breeze.
  • It is very-very pleasant.
  • When wind blows, leaves of plants and trees, our clothes etc shake.




  What is wind?

(a) Space of the air                                          (b) Volume of the air

(c) Weight of the air                                        (d) Movement of the air


Answer: (d)


Option (D) is correct. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.



  A light wind does not shake__________.

(a) Leaves                                                           (b) Clothes

(c) Piece of paper                                            (d) Building


Answer: (d)


Option (D) is correct because, light wind does not shake building.

Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.

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