10th Class Social Science Gender, Religion and Caste Gender Religion and Caste - Important Terms And Concepts

Gender Religion and Caste - Important Terms And Concepts

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Gender, Religion and Caste


Important Terms And Concepts


  1. Gender Division: It is a form of hierarchical social division based on social expectations and stereotypes.


  1. Sexual Division of Labour: A system in which all work inside the home is either done by the women of the family, or organised by them through the domestic helpers.


  1. Feminist: A woman or a man who believes in equal rights and opportunities for men and women.


  1. Patriarchy: It is a concept which is used to refer to a system that values men more and gives them power over women. The society based on this ideology is known as the Patriarchal Society.


  1. Child Sex Ratio: It is referred to as the number of girl children per thousand boys in a given period.


  1. Family Laws: Those laws that deal with family related matters such as marriages, divorce, adoption, inheritance, etc. In our country every community has its own family law.


  1. Urbanisation: The process of shifting of population from rural areas to urban areas for better facility and job opportunities.


  1. Majoritarian Dominance: The community belonging to a majority category takes the status of majoritarian dominance.


  1. Occupational Mobility: Process to shift from one occupation to another, usually when a new generation takes up occupations other than those practiced by their ancestors.


  1. Caste Hierarchy: It is a ladder like formation in which all the caste groups are I placed from the highest to the lowest caste.


  1. Secular State: A state which has no official religion of its own is known as the secular state. The secular state provide - religious equality and equal status to all religions.


  1. Secularism: Secularism is an ideology which deals with the equal status to a religions and prohibits discrimination on grounds of religion. It implies religious freedom. People enjoy the right to preach practice or profess a religion of their choice.


  1. Untouchability: A state of affairs in which some backward and lower cast- people are treated as outcaste people untouchables. They are not allowed to mingle with so-called upper caste.


  1. Universal Adult Franchise: It implies that Right to Vote is given to every adult citizen of the country. It is one of the political rights of the people. In this


- "Universal" - signifies-to all,
- "Adult" - signifies-above 18 years and
- "Franchise" - signifies right to vote.


  1. Minorities: The word signifies those groups of people or communities who are lesser in number in a given area.


  1. Communal Representation: A system of separate electorate for the adequate representation of the people belonging to different communities.


  1. Social Change: Social change signifies the modification which takes place in the lifestyle of people, i.e., mode of living, the social status, and cultural changes.

Notes - Gender Religion and Caste - Important Terms And Concepts

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