10th Class Mental Ability Paper Folding and Cutting Paper Folding and Paper Cutting

Paper Folding and Paper Cutting

Category : 10th Class

This chapter carries two types of problems one of folding a transparent sheet carrying a design and other one of folding a paper, then cutting it and then unfolding it.



In such type of problems, there is a design drawn on any one side of a transparent sheet. This sheet is to be folded along a dotted line marked on it.

A candidate is required to identify which pattern would be visualized after folding the sheet along the dotted line.



In such type of problems, a sheet of paper is folded twice or thrice or more as per the shown directions.

Then some cuts/punches are made on it. Then the sheet is unfolded. Now the sheet shows a pattern.

A candidate is required to identify this pattern from amongst the given options.

Let us illustrate you with the help of a solved example of each type.







1.         You are given a transparent sheet with a pattern on it.

             If this sheet is folded along the dotted line, then which type of pattern would appear?

            (a)                (b)

            (c)                 (d)



Explanation (c):

It is clear from the four options the left half of the transparent sheet has been placed over the right half.

The left arrow is smaller than the right one, so it lies in the interior of the right arrow.

For other two shapes, the right shape is smaller than the left one.

So it lies in the interior of the left shape.

Thus, option (c) is correct.



2.         The three figures (i), (ii) and (iii) show a sequence of folding a sheet of paper.

                         Figure (iii) shows the manner in which the folded sheet has been cut out.

                         If then the sheet is unfolded which of the option figures (a), (b), (c), (d) would show the unfolded form?

(a)                  (b)

(c)                  (d)


Explanation (d):

Clearly, the punched circle will be created in each quarter of the paper.

Thus when the paper is unfolded, eight circles will appear symmetrically over it and the paper will then appear as shown in option (d).                                                     

Let us clear it with figures                                                              

So, the correct option is (d).


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