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Judging Story Logic

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Judging Story Logic


In this chapter, we will learn to make a logical story from the given sentences or incidents in jumbled form. First two are solved as examples for you.


1.            Arrange P, Q, R and S between A and B in order to make a sensible story:


A: There was once a king who was so cruel and unjust that his subjects yearned for his death or dethronement. However, one day he surprised them all by announcing that he had decided to turn over a new leaf


P: ?As I was galloping through the forests. I caught sight of a fox being chased by a hound. The fox escaped into his hole but not before the hound had bitten into its leg and lamed it for life.


Q: Later I rode into a village and saw the same hound there. It was barking at a man. Even as I watched, the man picked up a huge stone and flung it at the dog, breaking its leg. The man had not gone far when he was kicked by a horse. His knee was shattered and he fell to the ground, disabled for life.


R: ?No more cruelty, no more injustice,? he promised, and he was as good as his word. He became known as the ?Gentle Monarch.? Months after his transformation one of his ministers plucked up enough courage to ask him what had brought about his change of heart, and the king answered:


S: The horse began to run but it fell into a hole and broke its leg. Reflecting on all that had happened, I thought: ?Evil begets evil. If I continue in my evil ways, I will surely be overtaken by evil? So I decided to change".


B: The minister went away convinced that the time was ripe to overthrow the king and seize the throne.

Immersed in thought, he did not see the steps in front of him and fell, breaking his neck.


Select the correct option among the given choices:

(a) PSRQ                      

(b) RPQS

(c) QPSR                      

(d) SPQR

(e) None of these

Ans.     (b) RPQS


2.            Arrange P, Q, R and S between A and B in order to make a sensible story:


A: One day Dala Tarwadi?s wife told her husband she would like to make brinjal sambhar and asked him to get a brinjal. Dala Tarwadi stole into Vasaram Bhuvo's field where brinjals grew in abundance.

But he did not just take one and run.


P: Then answering for the field replied: ?Why just one, dear Tarwadi? Take ten or twelve.? Then he took a dozen brinjals and sneaked out of the field. A few days later he raided the field again. And then once more.


Q: The owner of the field, Vasaram Bhuvo, a giant of a man and the most hard- working farmer in the village realized that somebody was stealing his brinjals and began to keep a watch on his field. One night he saw Tarwadi sneak in and followed him. Tarwadi, unaware that he had an audience, took the brinjals.


R: But before he could touch them, Vasaram caught hold to him and carried him away. He dumped him at the edge of a pond. ?Pond, pond,? said Vasaram, ?how many times should I dip this wretch into your water??


S: He was a man of integrity and felt that he should ask permission to take the vegetables. So crouching beside the brinjal plants he whispered: ?Field, field, may I take a brinjal??


B: And answering for the pond, replied: ?Not just once, dear Bhuvo. Dip him into it a hundred or two hundred times or more.? When Tarwadi staggered home later that night he was soaking wet?but he was cured of his thieving ways for ever.


Select the correct option among the given choices:

(a) PRQS                      

(b) RPSQ

(c) PSQR                      

(d) SPQR

(e) None of these

Ans.     (d) SPQR


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