6th Class Mathematics Decimals

  • question_answer 30) Sunita travelled 15 km 268 m by bus, 7 km 7 m by car and 500 m on foot in order to reach her school. How far is her school from her residence?


    Distance travelled by bus = 15 km 268 m = 15 km + 268 m \[=200+10+1+\frac{9}{10}+0+\frac{2}{1000}=211+\frac{9}{10}+\frac{2}{1000}\] \[=211+0.9+0.002=211.902\] \[0\times 100+1\times 10+2\times 1+2\times \frac{1}{10}+4\times \frac{1}{100}+1\times \frac{1}{1000}\]Distance travelled by car \[=0+10+2+\frac{2}{10}+\frac{4}{100}+\frac{1}{1000}=12+\frac{2}{10}+\frac{4}{100}+\frac{1}{1000}\] \[=12+0.2+0.04+0.001=12.241\] \[0.29=0+\frac{2}{10}+\frac{9}{100}\] \[2.08=2+\frac{0}{10}+\frac{8}{100}\] \[19.60=10+9+\frac{6}{10}+\frac{0}{100}\] Distance travelled by foot \[14.8.32=100+40+8+\frac{3}{10}+\frac{2}{100}\]\[200.8.12=200+00+0+\frac{8}{10}+\frac{1}{100}+\frac{2}{1000}\] \[20+9+\frac{4}{10}+\frac{1}{100}\] \[137+\frac{5}{100}\] Total distance travelled by Sunita \[\frac{7}{10}+\frac{6}{100}+\frac{4}{1000}\] Hence, total distance travelled by Sunita is 22.775 km.

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