6th Class Mathematics Decimals

  • question_answer 29) Naresh walked 2 km 35 m in the morning and 1 km 7 m in the evening. How much distance did he walk in all? TIPS Firstly, write the given distance into km using decimals and then add by putting one below other same as whole numbers,


    Naresh walked in morning = 2 km 35 m = 2 km + 35 m \[=3+\frac{2}{10}+\frac{5}{100}=3+0.2+0.05=3.25\] \[1\times 100+0\times 10+2\times 1+6\times \frac{1}{10}+3\times \frac{1}{100}+0\times \frac{1}{1000}\] \[=100+0+2+\frac{6}{10}+\frac{3}{100}+0=102+\frac{6}{10}+\frac{3}{100}\] Naresh walked in evening = 1 km 7 m = 1 km + 7 m \[=102+0.6+0.03=102.63\] \[0\times 100+3\times 10+0\times 1+0\times \frac{1}{10}+2\times \frac{1}{100}+5\times \frac{1}{1000}\] \[=0+30+0+0+\frac{2}{100}+\frac{5}{1000}\] \[=30+\frac{2}{100}+\frac{5}{1000}=30+0.02+0.005=30.025\] Total distance \[2\times 100+1\times 10+1\times 1+9\times \frac{1}{10}+0\times \frac{1}{100}+2\times \frac{1}{1000}\] Hence, total distance walked by Naresh is 3.042 km.

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