6th Class Mathematics Data Handling

  • question_answer 14) The number of Mathematics books sold by a shopkeeper on six consecutive days is shown below
    Days Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    Number of books sold 65 40 30 50 20 70
    Draw a bar graph to represent the above information choosing the scale of your choice.


    To draw a bar graph, we will use the following steps. (i) Firstly, draw two perpendicular lines, one is horizontal and one is vertical. Along the horizontal line, mark 'days' and along the vertical line mark 'number of books sold'. (ii) Now, take scale of 1 unit length = 5 books, along the vertical line and then mark the corresponding values. Also, the heights of the bars for various days are as follows:

    Sunday \[\frac{65}{5}=13\text{units}\]
    Monday \[\frac{40}{5}=8\text{units}\]
    Tuesday \[\frac{30}{5}=6\text{units}\]
    Wednesday \[\frac{50}{5}=10\text{units}\]
    Thursday \[\frac{20}{5}=4\text{units}\]
    Friday \[\frac{70}{5}=14\text{units}\]
    (iii) Draw bars of equal width and of height calculated in Step (ii) on the horizontal line with equal spacing (or gap) between them. Thus, we get the following bar graph.

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