6th Class Mathematics Data Handling

  • question_answer 13) A survey of 120 school students was done to find which activity they prefer to do in their free time.
    Preferred activity Number of students
    Plying 45
    Reading story books 30
    Watching TV 20
    Listening to music 10
    Painting 15
    Draw a bar graph to illustrate the above data taking scale of 1 unit length = 5 students. Which activity is preferred by most of the students other than playing?


    To draw a bar graph of given data, we use the following steps. (i) Firstly, draw two perpendicular lines, one is horizontal and one is vertical. Along the horizontal line, mark the preferred activity and along the vertical line, mark the corresponding number of students. (ii) Now, take scale of 1 unit length = 5 students along the vertical line and then mark the corresponding values. Also, the height of the bars for various activities are as follows:

    Plying \[\frac{45}{5}=9\text{units}\]
    Reading story books \[\frac{30}{5}=6\text{units}\]
    Watching TV \[\frac{20}{5}=4\text{units}\]
    Listening to music \[\frac{10}{5}=2\text{units}\]
    Painting \[\frac{15}{5}=3\text{units}\]
    (iii) Draw bar of equal width and of height calculated in Step (ii) on horizontal line with equal spacing between them. Thus, we get the following bar graph From the above bar graph, it is clear that the activity 'reading story books' is preferred by most of the students other than playing. Because the second larger bar is for reading story books.

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