12th Class Biology Principals And Processes Of Biotechnology

  • question_answer 29)   Which of the following should be choosen for best yield if one were to produce a recombinant protein in large amounts? (a) Laboratory flask of largest capacity (b) A stirred-tank bioreactor without in-lets and out-lets (c) A continuous culture system (d) Any of the above


                      (c) If any protein encoding gene is expressed in a heterologous host, it is called are combinant protein. The cells harbouring cloned genes of interest may be grown on a small scale in the laboratory. The cultures may be used for extracting the desired protein and then purifying it by using different separation techniques. The cells can also be multiplied in a continuous culture system where in the used medium is drained out from one side while fresh medium is added from the other to maintain the cells in their physiologically most active log/exponential phase. This type of culturing method produces a larger biomass leading to higher yields of desired protein.

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