11th Class Economics Employment and Infrastructure

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    What is the state of rural infrastructure in India?


    The state of rural Infrastructure in India is very critical. India's more than are billion plus population resides in rural areas. There is a lack of access to safe, reliable power, water, telecommunication, sanitation and transportation services. The government had announced several schemes but still there is not a very remarkable growth in it as per the data of census 2001 in rural India only 56% households have an electricity connection and 43% still use kerosene. About 90% of the rural households use bio-fuels such as crop residues, dung and fuel wood to meet their energy requirement for cooking. Tap water availability is limited to only 24% rural households. About 76% of the population drinks water from open sources such as wells, tanks, ponds, lakes, rivers, canals, etc. Access to improved sanitation in rural areas was only 20%. Thus, there is need of serious thinking on part of policy planners and implementing agencies that for a properous India strengthening the facilities of rural infrastructure.

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