11th Class Economics Employment and Infrastructure

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    What is the significance of 'energy'? Differentiate between commercial and non-commercial sources of energy.


    Energy is an essential part of the development process of a nation it is essential for large scale production and use of advanced technology in industries. It is also used on a large scale in agriculture and related areas like production and transportation of fertilizers, pesticides and farm equipment. It is required in houses for cooking, household lighting and heating. There are two types of sources of energy-commercial and non-commercial. The difference between the two is as follows  
    S.N. Commercial Energy Non-Commercial Energy
    (i)         The sources of energy that are available to the; Liners at some price are referred to as commercial energy.   Examples air: coal, petroleum, natural gas and electricity. The sources of Energy that are usually availably free of cost to the users are referred to as non-commercial energy. Examples are: Firewood, agricultural waste, dried dung.
    (ii)   This form of energy is used for commercial purposes and domestic consumption mainly in urban areas This form of energy is used for domestic consumption manly in rural areas.
    (iii) There are generally exhaustible These are generally renewable.

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