11th Class Chemistry Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

  • question_answer 72)   45.4 L of dinitrogen reacted with 22.7 L of dioxygen and 45.4 L of nitrous oxide was formed. The reaction is given below : \[2{{N}_{2}}(g)+{{O}_{2}}(g)\to 2{{N}_{2}}\text{O}(g)\] Which law is being obeyed in this experiment? Write the statement of the law.                


      \[\underset{\underset{\underset{45.4\,L}{\mathop{2L}}\,}{\mathop{2\,mol}}\,}{\mathop{2{{N}_{2}}(g)}}\,+\underset{\underset{\underset{227\,L}{\mathop{1\,L}}\,}{\mathop{1\,mol}}\,}{\mathop{{{O}_{2}}(g)}}\,\to \underset{\underset{\underset{45.4\,L}{\mathop{2L}}\,}{\mathop{2\,mol}}\,}{\mathop{2{{N}_{2}}O(g)}}\,\] This, experiment shows. Gay Lussac's law of combining volumes.

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