10th Class Social Science Introduction

  • question_answer 2) Develop an evacuation plan for your locality in case you are prone to landslides.


    An evacuation plan will include the following   (i) We must familiarize ourselves with the land around us so that we know where you have to go if we have to leave. This should be a place safe from landslides, floods etc.   (ii) We should contact the related government agencies / local authorities to know about the plans they have made for emergency response and evacuation. Also contact them about their assessment of the risk of a landslide when you suspect it may occur.   (iii) Evacuation should be carried out only if it is safe to do so. We should not evacuate when a storm is going on.   (iv) If we decide to remain at home, go to an upper storey (if available) of the home, so that the landslide may not affect you.   (v) If you are having large and/or numerous animals (for instance cattle), start evacuating them as soon as you are aware of the impending danger.   (vi) Inform affected neighbours if possible. Help the neighbours who need help to evacuate.   (vii) Listen to local radio stations oh a battery powered radio for the latest emergency information (there can be many other items in this list, depending on the situation; this is just a sample of some of the steps that can be taken for evacuation).  

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