10th Class Social Science Introduction

  • question_answer 1) If you were one of the students in the classroom where these ninety-three children were your dear friends, how would you have reacted to it and what steps would you have taken up? Analyze it with your friends and teachers and paste your learning’s on the notice board of your classroom.


    I would have tried to get everyone out of the school building immediately and meet all of them at a space outside the building to ensure that everyone had come out. Then I would have called the nearest fire brigade with whatever means were available. Further, I would take the following steps (i) If any child was burnt, I would give the child first aid, or arrange the same from other people.   (ii) I would ask for the badly burnt children to be evacuated to a suitable hospital for treatment.   (iii) Then I would ask the school authorities to make the building fire resistant, so that such a fire does not occur again.   (iv) I would also ask the school authorities to develop an evacuation plan for fire and ask them to train up all the students in implementing the plan if needed at any time.  

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