3rd Class English Verbs Practice Exercise

Practice Exercise

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*     Practice Exercise


Select the correct helping verbs from the bracket and fill in the blanks.  


  I ____ eating food. (am, is)


Answer: am  



  He ____ running, (is/ am)


Answer: is  



  They ____ laughing, (is/ are)


Answer: are  



  She ___ not take it. (will /shall)


Answer: will  






  Choose the Present Tense form \[\text{(}{{\text{V}}^{\text{1}}})\] of Arise.

(A) Arise                                                             

(B) Arose

(C) Arisen                                                           

(D) Arising

(E) Arises  


Answer: (A)


Present Tense form \[\text{(}{{\text{V}}^{\text{1}}})\] of Arise is Arise.  



  Choose the Past Tense form \[\text{(}{{\text{V}}^{2}})\] of Arrive.

(A) Arrives                                         

(B) Arrived

(C) Arriving                                        

(D) Arriven

(E) None of these  


Answer: (B)


Past Tense form \[\text{(}{{\text{V}}^{2}})\] of Arrive is Arrived.  





  • A verb is an action word.
  • Verbs are of two types, that is, main verb and helping verb.
  • Main verbs are of five forms.
  • Helping Verbs: The verb which helps the main verb in changing its form is called Helping Verbs.  

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