10th Class Social Science Solved Paper - Social Science-2017 Outside Delhi Set-III

  • question_answer ?Minerals are unevenly distributed in India.? Support the statement with examples.


    ?Minerals are unevenly distributed in India.? Following examples are:
    (i) Minerals in Deccan: The peninsular rocks contains most of the reserves of coal, metallic minerals.
    (ii) Minerals in western and eastern regions of India: Sedimentary rocks of western and eastern part of India i.e., Gujrat and Assam have most of the petroleum deposits.
    (iii) Minerals in Rajasthan: Rajasthan with the rock systems of the peninsular have reserves of many non-ferrous minerals.
    (iv) Minerals in North India: The vast alluvial plains of North India are almost devoid of economic minerals. These variations exist largely because of and time involved in the formation of minerals.


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