12th Class Psychology Solved Paper - Psychology-2018 Delhi

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    How does television have an impact on behaviour?


    Television viewing has effects on. Cognitive processes and social behaviour.
    (i) Television provides a large amount of infotainment in an attractive form, and in the visual mode, for which it became a powerful medium of instruction. This reduces their habit of reading and writing, and also their outdoor activities such as playing.
    (ii) Television watching may have an effect on children?s ability to concentrate on one target, their creativity and ability to understand, and also their social interactions.
    (iii) Excellent programmes emphasise positive interpersonal attitudes and provide useful factual information, teaching children how to design and construct certain objects. On the other hand, these programmes may distract young viewers and interfere with their ability to concentrate on one target.
    (iv) In the context of aggression, the results of research showed that watching violence on television was, indeed, linked to greater aggressiveness in the viewers.
    (v) In the case of adults as well as children, it is said that a consumerist attitude has developed, and this is due to television watching.

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