12th Class Psychology Solved Paper - Psychology-2018 Delhi

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    Discuss main propositions of behavioural approach to personality.


    Behaviourisdc approach to personality:
    (i) This approach does not give importance to the internal dynamics of behaviour.
    (ii) The behaviourists believe in data, which they feel are definable, observable and measurable.
    (iii) They focus on learning of stimulus-response connections and their reinforcement.
    (iv) According to them, personality can be best understood as the response of an individual to the environment.
    (v) For most behaviourists, the structural unit of personality is the response.
    (vi) Each response is a behaviour, which is emitted to satisfy a specific need. The response which is positively reinforced becomes a habit. That is, satisfying one?s needs again and again may becomes a habit
    (vii) Personality is not biologically determined; it is learnt and acquired through experience.
    (viii) The personality is developed through the principles of Pavlov?s classical conditioning, Skinner?s operant conditioning and Bandura?s observational learning.

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