12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2013 Delhi Set-I

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    What was the Soviet System? Assess any four features of the Soviet System?
    Examine the relevance of the Non-aligned movement after the cold war era.


    The Soviet system of economy was planned economy and was managed on basis of state plans for economic and social development. The system of government in LLS.S.R was generally known as Soviet system of government.
    1. The Soviet system was based on communist principles. Lenin and Stalin adjusted the communist philosophy to the needs of the country. Marxist philosophy was the guiding principle of the Soviet constitution.
    2. The Soviet system forms the basis of the political and constitutional organization of the U.S.S.R. The word ?Soviet7 means a council consisting of the elected deputies or delegates of workers.
    3. In the very first Article of the Stalin Constitution, ?The Union of Soviet Republic was described as a socialist state of workers and peasants?.
    4. U.S.S.R. was one-party state. The communist party occupied a pivotal position in the socio-political system of Soviet Union. The communist party was die supreme guiding energy in the state.
    Outside the UN. General Assembly there is no international body as largely representative as the Non-aligned Movement. The Non-aligned Movement is generally traced from the year 1955 when 29 Asian and African nations met at Bandung to devise the means of combating colonialism. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, who was one of the moving forces of the conference, said that the coming together of the leaders of Asian and African states was an event of great importance in so far as it marked the birth of Asia and new Africa. The non-aligned movement asserted its continued relevance and its determination to uphold the objective to oppose and struggle against injustice, inequality and underdevelopment. NAM is committed to work for the removal of economic inequalities between the developed and the developing countries. It is necessary:
    1. For securing a place of dignity, honour and equality for the developing countries.
    2. For the establishment of the new international economic order.
    3. For the democratization of the international system and its functioning.
    4. For the progress of disarmament and denuclearization.

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