12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2013 Delhi Set-I

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    Why is the 'Emergency' and period around it known as the period of Constitutional crisis? Explain.


    Internal Emergency was declared on June 1975. The Emergency and the period around is known as the period of Constitutional crisis because it had its origins in the constitutional battle over the jurisdiction of the Parliament and the judiciary. Emergency abraded the democratic framework of India. The most disgraceful dimension of the Emergency was not its imposition but the modus in which almost the entire country succumbed to it and conceded it tenderly. Along with this, it was also an epoch of political paucity. The party in power had full majority and yet, the leadership of this party decided to occlude the democratic process. Earlier, it used to be believed that all political parties would principally concede the democratic norm, which has been described under the Constitution of India. According to the Constitution, in the period of Emergency, when the government would use conspicuous powders, its use would be inboard the standard of the rule of law. This anticipation endows the wide and open ended potencies ceded to the government during the period of Emergency.
                The rule of law and norms were misapplied during the period of Emergency. This political crisis was more sedate than the constitutional crisis. Along with the arrests of political leaders of opposition parties and the inhibitions on the press, the Emergency apparently influenced lives of common people in many ways. Torture and custodial deaths were common incidents during the Emergency. Self-willed translocation of poor people also occurred, and ultraeuphoria about controlling the increasing population led to cases of mandatory sterilization. Such instances clearly show that what happens when the common democratic process is placed under suspension.

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