12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2013 Delhi Set-I

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    Where and when was the organization 'Dalit Panthers' formed? Describe any three of its activities?


    The organization ?Dalit Panthers? was formed in Maharashtra in 1972. Dalit Panthers was an organization of educated Dalit youths. Baburao Bagul, Raja Dhale, Namdev Dhasal gave direction to Dalit policies through their poems, literature and biographies. Dalit Panthers openly challenged casteism and Brahmanisam. Dalit Panthers raised the following issues for the welfare of Dalits.
    1. Dalit Panthers aim was to unite the Dalits and bring them into their fold.
    2. According to the manifesto of Dalit Panthers ?Dalit? word includes  scheduled castes  and  tribes,  new Buddhists, economically backward workers, women, landless poor peasants and all those persons who were being exploited.
    3. According to Dalit Panthers? manifesto, main problems of Dalit are lack of education, food, water, shelter, jobs, land, unequal social status and atrocities inflicted on them.
    4. According to Dalit Panthers, their problem could be solved only by acquiring economic and political power.

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