12th Class Political Science Solved Paper - Political Science-2013 Delhi Set-I

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    Identify and explain any four new sources of threat to security.


    New sources of threat are Terrorism, Human Rights, Global Poverty and Migrants.
    1. Terrorism: Terrorism is a serious threat to human security Terrorism is unlawful activity used to achieve desired objectives. Terrorism refers to violence which target the civilians deliberately and indiscriminately. Bomb blasts, human bombs, mass killings etc. are all acts of terrorism.
    2. Human rights: Human Rights are those rights which are essential for all around development of a man. Human Rights are commonly understood as those rights that every human being is entitled to enjoy freely irrespective of his religion, race, caste, sex, nationality or any one of these. In majority of the countries of the world, human rights are not available to their citizens. The violation of human rights is perceived as a threat to human security.
    3. Global poverty: Global poverty is another big threat to human security. Poverty is increasing in countries with low income and large population w4iereas richer countries with stable population are becoming richer. The global poverty is affecting the security of the poor countries. Many armed conflicts have occurred in Sub-Sahara Africa, which is the poorest region of the world.
    4. Migrants: Those who voluntarily leave their home - countries are called migrants. The migrants are also creating problems for human security.

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