12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2016 Outside Delhi Set-III

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    What was the ryotwari system? Why did the ryots turn violent? Explain three reasons.


    The British wanted to devise new methods of revenue collection because they needed money to meet their expenses. In the south territories this was tried in a small scale by Captain Alexander Read. This was further developed by Munro. This was called Ryotwari system. In this the zamindars were neglected because they felt that there were no zamindars in the south, the settlement was done direct with the ryot. The land was to be carefully surveyed and assessment was done for the revenue.
                 But it did not work well. In order to get more revenue the assessment was wrongly done and the ryot turned violent because they were unable to pay.
                The ryot working in the indigo plantations turned violent. They refused to pay the rent and beat the lathiyals (Men welding lathis). The resistance was so strong that the British had to send troupes to pacify the situation.
                 The Three Reasons for me revolt in the indigo plantations. The indigo system was oppressive. After the indigo crop, he land could not be used for other crops.
                The planters were not happy with rising power w me ryot and they tried to bully the ryot with lathiyals.             The ryot felt that government was with them.

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