12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2016 Outside Delhi Set-III

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    ?Mughal history provides accounts of diplomatic relationship and conflicts with the neighbouring political powers.? Explain with examples.


    Mughal history is about the diplomatic relations and conflicts about neighbouring states.
                The Mughal emperors appointed authors to write the history of their times. They recorded the events. In addition to that they collected vast information about the neighbouring kingdoms and their relations and conflict with the Mughals. These histories were called chronicles. These chronicles were painstakingly written. When Akbar commissioned Abul Fazal he requested his aunt to give her memories of the earlier times of Babar and Humayun. Babar himself was a poet and a keen observer. In Akbarnama and Badshahnama we come to know about the events in the lives of these emperors, the battles they fought as well as their relations with the neighbours.

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