12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2016 Outside Delhi Set-III

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    ?Archaeologists have no proper response for the central authority of the Harappans.? Substantiate.


    Archaeologists have no response for the central authority in Harappa.
                Archaeologists found many things in Harappa, There was a lot of damage because the bricks were used for Ac railway project and also by the locals for their housing needs. They could find out about the city planning. They were astonished by the drainage system. They found two parts in Ac town well separated. They found the seals and they came to know about the script. But the script remains undeciphered. The archeologists are in the dark about the social structure or the central authority of Harappa. As weapons are very few the people were apparently peace loving. Whether they were ruled democratically or autocratically could not be ascertained because the script remains undeciphered.

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