12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2016 Outside Delhi Set-III

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    How did Naths and Jogis gain ground in the north India during fourteenth and fifteenth centuries?


    Nath/Jogi in the 14th century:
    Nath sampradaya was founded by Matsyendranath and was spread throughout India by the eight Nathas who followed him. The most prominent among them was Gorakhnath who popularized laya yoga. He wrote a book on it and composed many songs which are popular to this date. Gorakhnath wandered throughout India and composed songs in many languages. There were mutts established by nathas.
                Jogi is a corrupt form of Yogi. The word nathjogi is redundant. The yogis are called jogis. From 11th century the jogis wandered throughout India. Their needs were minimum, they begged and remained engaged in spiritual practices. The arrival of Sufis must have influenced the Nathjogis. Later this cult culminated in Bhakti Movement which gripped the whole India in the middle ages.

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