12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2014 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Critically examine the experiences of the ryots on the refusal of moneylenders to extend loans to them after 1830.


    (i) In the 1920s, the first revenue settlement in the Bombay Deccan was made. The revenue that was demanded was so high that in many places peasants deserted their villages and migrated to new places.
    (ii) In the areas of poor soil and fluctuating rainfall the problem became critical, when rains failed and harvests were poor. The peasants found it impossible to pay the revenue. By the 1830 the problem became very acute. The prices of agricultural produces touched a new low after 1832. This meant a furter decline in peasants? income.
                The ryots failed to pay the revenue and borrowed a loan from a moneylender. But once a loan was taken, the ryot could not pay it back.
                Consequently, the debt mounted and loans remained repaid. Peasants? dependence on moneylenders became greater. The overall economic situation became so worse that they required loans even to buy their everyday needs.

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