12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2014 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    'Vijayanagara was characterized by a distinctive building style.' Support this statement with the sacred architectural examples of Vijayanagara.


    Virupaksha Temple: The temple was built over centuries may be to the ninth-tenth centuries as suggested in the inscriptions. It was substantially enlarged with the establishment of the Vijayanagara. It is dedicated to Lord Virupaksha, the gaurdian diety of the Kingdom. It was recognised as a form of Shiva. The Vijayanagara kings claimed to rule on behalf of the god Virupaksha. The hall in front of the main shrine was built by Krishnadeva Raya to mark his accession. This was decorated with delicately carved pillars. He is also credited with the construction of the eastern gopuram. The additions meant that the central shrine came to occupy a relatively small part of the complex.
                The halls in the temple were used for a variety of purposes. In some places the images of gods were placed to witness special programmes of music, dance drama, etc. Others were used to celebrate the marriages of deities, and some other were meant for the deities of swing in Special images, distinct from those kept in the small dentral shrine, were used on these occassions.
    Vittala Temple: It was one of the other important shrines. The principal deity was Vittala, a form of Vishnu generally worshipped in Maharashtra. Another indication of the ways in which the rulers of Vijayanagara drew on different traditions to create an imperial culture was the introduction of the worship of the deity in Karnataka.
                This temple too has several halls and a unique shrine designed as chariot. A characteristic feature of the temple complexes is the chariot streets that extended from the temple gopuram in a straight line. These streets were paved with stone slabs and lined with pillared pavilions in which merchants set up their shops.

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