12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2014 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Mention any two features of gotra as per the Brahminical practice. What evidences do we get from the Satavahanas inscriptions regarding the inheritance of gotra? Explain.


    (i) Every gotra was named after a Vedic seer. AU those who belonged to the same gotra were considered as his descendants.
    (ii) Women were expected to give up their father?s gotra and adopt that of their husband on marriage and members of the same gotra could not marry.
    (iii) Many inscriptions of the Satavahanas have been recovered, which allow historians to trace family bonds.
    (iv) Some of the women who married Satavahana rulers had names of their father?s gotras that is Gotama and Vasistha. They retained these names instead of adopting names derived from their husband?s gotra.

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