12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2014 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
    The Jotedars of Dinajpur
    Buchanan described the ways in which the Jotedars of Dinajpur in North Bengal resisted being disciplined by the zamindar and undermined his power:
    Landlords do not like this class of men, but it is evident that they are absolutely necessary, unless the landlords themselves would advance money to their necessitous tenantry....
    The Jotedars who cultivate large portions of lands are very refractory, and know that the zamindars have no power over them. They pay only a few rupees on account of their revenue and then fall in balance almost every kist (instalment), they hold more lands than they are entitled to by their pottahs (deeds of contract). Should the zamindars officers, in consequence, summon them to the cutcherry, and detain them for one or two hours with a view to reprimand them, they immediately go and complain at the Fouzdarry Thanna (police station) for imprisonment and at the munsiff's (a judicial officer at the lower court) cutcherry for being dishonoured and whilst the causes continue unsettled, they instigate the petty ryots not to pay their revenue consequently.....
    (i) Mention the various ways in which the Jotedars of Dinajpur resisted the authority of zamindars.
    (ii) Describe the ways in which the Jotedars undermine the power of zamindars.
    (iii) Mention how the zamindars reprimanded the defiant Jotedars.
    "The British element is gone, but they have left the mischief behind".
    Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel said:
    It is no use saying that we ask for separate electorates, because it is good for us. We have heard it long enough. We have heard it for years, and as a result of this agitation we are now a separate nation..... Can you show me one free country where there are separate electorates? If so, I shall be prepared to accept it. But in this unfortunate country if this separate electorate is going to be persisted in; even after the division of the country, woe betide the country; it is not worth living in. Therefore, I say, it is not for my good alone, it is for your own good that I say it, forget the past. One day, we may be united..... The British element is gone, but they have left the mischief behind. We do not want to perpetuate that mischief. (Hear, hear). When the British introduced this element they had not expected that they will have to go so soon. They wanted it for their easy administration. That is all right. But they have left the legacy behind. Are we to get out of it or not?                          
    CAD, Vol. V
    (i) Explain Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel's views on the issue of separate electorate system.
    (ii) In what ways did Sardar Patel explain that 'The British element is gone, but they have left the mischief behind?
    (iii) Mention the reasons behind Sardar Patel urging the assembly members to get rid of separte electorate.


    (i) The Jotedars resisted the authority of Zamindars in following ways:
    1. They paid only few rupees as revenue.
    2. They held more land than what was given them as pattas.
    3. In case of summoning, they approached police-station against officials of Zamindar.
    (ii) The Jotedars undermined power of Zamindars in following ways:
    1. They had money power and thus had more influence over the villagers.
    2. They instigated ryots to not pay the revenue in case they have any grievance against the Zamindars.
    (iii) The zamindars reprimanded them by taking them to cuchehary and detaining them for some hours.
    (i)         (a) Patel condemned the separate electoral system outrightly.          
    (b) This was an unfortunate system which was introduced by the British as they always wanted to follow the policy of divide and rule.
    (ii)        (a) The idea of separate was a political conspiracy.
    (b) The British wanted to have a fractured country for their easy administration.
    (c) Their nefarious designs forced Patel to say that, ?The British element is gone but they have left the mischief behind.?
    (iii)       (a) Patel opined that there was not one free country where there was separate electorate.
    (b) For the good of the country we must burry the idea of separate electorate once for all.

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