12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2014 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
    The Sudarshana (beautiful) Lake in Gujarat
    The Sudarshana lake was an artificial reservoir. We know about it from a rock inscription (c. second century CE) in Sanskrit, composed to record the achievements of the Shaka ruler Rudradaman.
    The inscription mentions that the lake, with embankments and water channels, was built by a local governor during the rule of the Mauryas. However- a terrible storm broke the embankments and water pushed out of the lake. Rudradaman, who was men ruling in the area, claimed to have got the lake repaired using his own resources, without imposing any tax on his subjects.
    Another inscription on the same rock (c. fifth century) mentions how one of the rulers of the Gupta dynasty got the lake repaired once again.
    (i) Mention about the irrigation system of the Mauryan Empire.
    (ii) Explain about the achievements of Rudradaman during the 2nd century CE.
    (iii) Mention the values demonstrated by Rudradaman that can be seen from the passage.
    Draupadi's Question
    Draupadi is supposed to have asked Yudhisthira whether he had lost himself before staking her. Two contrary opinions were expressed in response to this question.
    One, that even if Yudhisthira had lost himself earlier, his wife remained under this control, so he could stake her. Two that an unfree man (as Yudhisthira was when he had lost himself) could not stake another person.
    The matter remained unresolved: ultimately, Dhritarashtra restored to the Pandavas and Draupadi their personal freedom.
    (i) How has Draupad's status as a wife been shown in the passage?
    (ii) Explain the two contrary opinions expressed.
    (iii) Was the challenge given to Yudhisthira by Draupadi justified? Support your answer with two reasons.


    (i)         (a) Irrigation was done through wells and tanks.
    (b) Canals were also used for irrigation.
    (ii)        (a) A terrible storm broke the embankments and water gushed out of the lake,
    (b) Rudradaman claimed to have got the lake repaired.
    (iii)       (a) Rudradaman adopted positive attitude towards his subjects. It is a good example of public welfare.
    (b) He got the lake repaired using his own resources without imposing any tax.
    (i) Draupadi?s status as wife has been depicted as that was prevalent in that period whereby the wife was considered under the control of husband. But at the same time, Draupadi is depicted as a bold lady who has power of reason and she was given a lot of respect by her husbands.
    (ii) The first view is that even though Yuddhisthira lost himself to Duryodhan, he could stake Drapaudi, his wife, as wife is considered under the control of her husband and his property.
                 Second opinion was contrary to first one that if Yuddisthira had lost his freedom then he was not free anymore and he could not stake another person.
    (iii) Yes the challenge given by Draupadi was justified because.
    1. She wanted to know if Yuddhisthira had staked her as a freeman or as a loser of himself.
    2. She had a lot of self - respect and thus was trying to question the very essence of husband - wife and men - woman relationship as controller - slave relation.

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