12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2014 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    (i) 'The rebel proclamation of 1857 emphasized the values of coexistence amongst different communities under Mughal Empire.' Explain.
    (ii) Suggest two ways to bring peaceful coexistence and fraternity in the contemporary Indian society.


    (i) The proclamation that was issued under the name of Bahadur Shah appealed to the people to join the fight under the standards of both Muhammad and Mahavir. It was remarkable that during the uprising religious divisions between Hindus and Muslim were hardly noticeable despite British attempts to create such divisions.
                In Bareilly in western Uttar Pradesh, in December 1857, the British spent Rs 50,000 to incite the Hindu population against the Muslims but the attempt failed.
                Thus we can say that there were accepted and prevalent values of coexistence in Mughal period.
    (ii) We can adopt the following two strategies to bring about peaceful coexistence and fraternity in the contemporary Indian society:
    1. Teaching tolerance of diversity in our Indian culture with respect to religion, culture, language etc. from the very start of school education.
    2. Political will to do away with casteism as a means to mobilize people.

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