12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2017 Outside Delhi Set-III

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    Classify the population of the world on the basis of their residence into two groups. How are they different from each other? Explain.


    The division of population into rural and urban is based on the residence.
    Rural Population Urban Population
    1. The population living in a village is known as rural population. The population living in towns and cities is known as urban population.
    2. It supports small size population. Urban population is engaged in secondary and territory activities.
    3. Rural population is mostly engaged in agricultural and other primary occupation. Urban population in engaged in secondary and territory activities.
    4. Share of the rural population is 55% of the whole population of the world. Share of the urban population is 45% of the whole population is the world.
    This division is necessary because rural and urban life styles differ from each other in terms of their livelihood and social conditions. The age-sex-occupational structure, density of population and level of development vary between rural and urban areas.

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