12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2017 Outside Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer Classify means of communication on the basis of scale and quality into two categories. Explain any two characteristics of each category.


    The means of communication on the basis of scale and quality into two categories are:
    Satellite Communication: Communication through satellites have emerged as a new area in communication technology. Artificial satellites are successfully deployed in the earth's orbit to connect even the remote corners of the globe with limited onsite verification. These have rendered the unit cost and time of communication invariant in terms of distance. It costs the same to communicate over 500 km as it does over 5,000 km via satellite India has also made great strides in satellite development. Aryabhatt was launched on 19th April, 1979, Bhaskar-I in 1979 and Rohini in 1980.
    Cyber Space: Internet Cyberspace is the world of electronic computerised space. It is encompassed by the Internet such as the World Wide Web. It is the electronic digital world for communicating over computer networks without physical movement of the sender and the receiver. It is also referred to as the Internet. The speed at which this electronic network has spread is unprecedented in human history. There was over one billion internet users in the world in 2005. Now the majority of the world's users are in U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Japan, China and India. Due to increasing numbers of Internet user each year, cyberspace will expand the contemporary economic and social space of humans through e-mail, e-commerce, e-learning and e-governance.

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