12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2014 Delhi Set-III

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    Explain why Kerala has a higher level, of human development than other States of India.


    ?Development is freedom?. Freedom from hunger, poverty, servitude, bondage, ignorance, illiteracy and any other form of domination is the key to human development. Kerala with the composite index value of 0.638 is placed at the top rank on Human Development Index (India), 2001.
                There are several socio, political, economic and historical reasons for such a state of affairs. Kerala is able to record the highest value in the HDI largely due to its impressive performance in achieving almost hundred percent literacy (90.92 per cent) in 2001. Apart from the educational attainment, the levels of economic development too has significant impacts on HDI. Efforts to institutionalize the balanced development with its main focus on social distributive justice, has been made by the State.
                Kerala has made significant achievements in most of the fields of Human Development like free from illness and ailment and living a reasonably long life span and indicative of a healthy life. Availability of pro and post, natal health care facilities in order to reduce infant mortality and post, delivers deaths among mothers, old age healthcare, adequate nutrition and safety of individual are some important measures of a healthy and reasonably long life, Kerala has done reasonably well in these areas.

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