12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2013 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    What are National Highways? Explain any four uses of National Highways in India.


    The National Highways are a network of highways that is managed and maintained by agencies of the Government of India. These highways measured over 70,934 km as of 2010, including over 1,000 km of limited - access Expressways.
    Uses of National Highways:
    (i) It works as mega source of transportation. National highways constituted about 2% of all the roads in India, but carried about 40% of the total traffic of 2010.
    (ii) National highways form the economic backbone of the country and have often facilitated development along their routes, and many new towns have sprung up along major highways.
    (iii) It connects almost all mega cities. Basically these are meant for inter-State transport.
    (iv) It is connected to or passes nearby the Industries? so that their products can reach out to market easily.

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