12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2013 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Examine any five push factors that cause 'migration of population' in India.


    (i) Large number of young people are migrating because rural India is saturated and cannot provide employment opportunities for a growing population.
    (ii) Most women migrants have migrated after marriage. In North India, women are not supposed to marry a man from the same village. So invariably marriage means migration.
    (iii) Many end up as rag pickers or casual construction workers. Many don?t get employment throughout the year and commute between urban and rural areas. After the harvest, they migrate to urban areas for a few months before the rainy season.
    (iv) Joining family members is the reason for urban migration. First, the husband gets employment and settles. Then, if he can get a decent house he brings his family. Finally, migration for education also takes place.
    (v) Lack of basic amenities in rural areas also works as a push factor for migration.

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