UPSC General Studies Solved Paper - General Studies-2015

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    'Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action', often seen in the news, is

    A)  a strategy to tackle the regional terrorism, an outcome of a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

    B)  a plan of action for sustainable economic growth in the Asia-Pacific Region, an outcome of the deliberations of the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum

    C)  an agenda for women's empowerment, an outcome of a World Conference convened by the United Nations

    D)  a strategy to combat wildlife trafficking, a declaration of the East Asia Summit

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Exp. [c] The 'Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action' (BPfA) is an international declaration of women's rights set-up at the UN's landmark Fourth World Conference on Women, held in Beijing (China) in 1995. The BPfA covers 12 key critical matters of concern and areas for action including women and poverty, violence against women and access to power and decision-making. It completed its 20 years in 2015 and hence was in news.

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