12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2019 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    (c) Describe Jack's art of storytelling.


    (c) Storytelling is a ritual for Jack and his four- year-old daughter Jo. He aims to express his wisdom, art and creativity infused with cunningness through his stories. Jack begins his story telling sessions in the evenings and before Saturday naps. The originality of these stories are that they all revolve around a tiny creature called Roger. His stories more or less follow one pattern with minor variations depending on the theme for the day. Each story begins and describes a Roger who may be a squirrel, a fish or a chipmunk. The stories also have a wise owl and a magic wand wielding wizard. Each story is a lesson in morals. Jack successfully manages to capture the attention of his daughter because he understands her span of attention while using his creativity to create the desired effect. He can imitate different voices and uses this positive attribute to communicate his ideas in an enthusiastic manner. Each of these stories are his own invention and he uses this talent along with his other talent of adopting the right facial expressions to capture his daughter?s interest and provide life lessons along the way.

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