12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2019 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    (b) Explain the reaction of Dr. Sadao?s servants when he decided to give shelter to an enemy in the house.


    (b) Dr. Sadao Hoki resided along the coast in Japan with his wife Hana. During the war, he was not sent along with the other troupes because the General was under his treatment and needed Dr. Sadao?s services. On one occasion, Dr. Sadao saw an injured young American soldier in need of his help. He brought the soldier home and began treating him. The servants were frightened and puzzled. As a matter of fact, the old gardener declared that Dr. Sadao ought not to heal the wound of that white man because he should have been dead also as he was their enemy. He also believed that the soldier was first shot and then the sea caught him and wounded him with her rocks. If Dr. Sadao healed what the shot and the sea had done, then Dr. Sadao and the servants would have to suffer. They were also skeptical because the man was their enemy and if the news of the man at the house spread, then their lives would be in danger. The servants finally chose to leave the house altogether.

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