12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2019 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    (c) It is not unusual for a lower middle class girl to dream big. How unrealistic were Sophie's dreams?


    (c) Sophie the protagonist of the story ?Going Places? comes from a lower middle-class background and like most girls, she tends to have escapist tendencies. Her background limits her aims and ambitions. Comparatively, her best friend Jansie and her family try to limit her from day- dreaming. Sophie dreams of things that she cannot have like buying a boutique. When questioned about how she would go about achieving this dream, she mentions that she would do that through a manager job like Mary Quant or by being an actress, or a fashion designer. She constantly dreams of upgrading her life despite the unrealistic demands of her dreams. The sad reality is that these unrealistic dreams simply distract a person from their goals. It makes a person crave for excuses and separates them from the realities of the world. Sophie?s dreams and ambitions coupled with her crush on Daney Casey are so unrealistic that they separate her from the realities of her world.

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